4 Tips to Stop Toddlers From Breastfeeding

The benefits of breastfeeding are numerous, including establishing a bond between mothers and their babies.

Due to varying factors, most women may consider breastfeeding cessation when a toddler attains two years.

Consider the following tips on weaning a toddler from breast milk.

Be consistent
If you decide to drop nursing sessions one by one (preferably, start by dropping the day sessions), make sure that you are consistent with your sessions. This helps in curbing complications like clogged milk ducts and breast engorgement which can be painful. Your toddler also transitions smoothly from breast milk to other sources of food.

Do it gradually
Do not stop breastfeeding at once, but do it gradually to allow your body to adjust to the milk production process. Abrupt weaning may lead to severe complications like mastitis if the clogged milk ducts get infected. Also, remain committed once you begin the process of weaning your toddler.

Wear non-access clothes
In most cases, your toddler will reach out for your breasts when he feels like having a taste of it. This can be quite embarrassing if he decides to pull out your breasts in public. To avoid this form of embarrassment, and to achieve your goal of weaning your toddler, consider wearing non-access clothes. Clothes that provide easy access to your breast by the toddler, may slow the process of stopping your toddler from breastfeeding. Therefore, consider wearing non-access clothes, that make it difficult for your toddler to access your breasts.

Involve your Partner
Bring daddy into the picture, especially when you want to make your toddler sleep at night. In most cases, toddlers have the habit of being nursed before going to sleep. You can substitute nursing at night by offering warm tea, and have your partner take your toddler to sleep. Your toddler will protest for a few days, then afterward, he will get used to it.

To stop a toddler from breastfeeding is a headache for many moms. This is so considering that the toddler has been on breast milk for over 600 days of his life.

To smoothly wean a toddler from breast milk, ensure that you observe consistency once you begin the process, do it gradually, Involve your partner, and consider wearing non-access clothes that don’t provide easy access to your breasts.