Where Is Your Home?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary has several different definitions for the word “home”. One states that it is a place of residence. Another defines it as a familiar or usual setting or congenial environment and a third states that it is a place of origin.

The dictionary goes on to define the term “at home” which includes being relaxed and comfortable, in harmony with the surroundings and on familiar ground.

I think we all recognize the fact that a home is more than just a building, but individuals may conger up very different meanings when they hear or use the term “home”.

For some, it may mean the place where they presently live on their own or with their families. Home may be in the form of a condo, a trailer, house or tent. For others home may be heaven – the place where they are planning to spend eternity.

Some people talk about home as the place from which the family originated. It might be a foreign country, a different province or a family farm.

Emotions are usually attached to words and for many the term home may illicit negative emotions involving hurt, abuse or abandonment. Others may think about home with fond memories and gratitude.

Why am I talking about home this week? Because, after fifty years, nineteen members of my high school graduating class and some of the family members are returning home to Indian Head, Saskatchewan for a reunion.

For weeks a handful of us have been planning and communicating about activities that we can enjoy together during the weekend gathering. The attendees who are arriving by plane and vehicle from various locations across Canada will share meals, decorate and ride on a parade float, tour the high school and talk!

Many of us have not had any contact with each other over the five decades since graduation day.

I think it is always amazing to meet friends or relatives after a long period of time and realize that it only takes a few minutes to update and then the relationship is restored as though time did not pass between meetings.

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