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Things to Prioritize When Purchasing Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You may enjoy cooking or just eating food. All the same extra olive oil made locally can really make your cooking better. Some countries are known globally for their good extra olive oil. Because of that, they are pocketing awards and accolades from different international experts thanks to their professional work.

You can have fun shopping for your olive oil. Also it can be those memorable adventures. Truth is you will never miss a counterfeit extra olive oil. Therefore to avoid falling victim you need to look into certain things when doing your shopping. Here are tips to guide you when in search of extra olive oil to buy.

In the first place, you should know the person you are purchasing from. Buy from outlets that are familiar with how to care for olive oil. Extra olive oil is supposed to smell as well as have the taste given by olives. It is so educative to make your purchase directly from a deli or even a farmer. Reason being you will be allowed to taste the sample before you proceed to buy. There are a case where you will want to buy online. If that is the case then be sure to look at the date first.

It is essential that you do a verification of the olive CTC seal. This seal tells you that it has been proved to be extra virgin hence its certification. It is also evidence for its local production. And that alone should convince you that it was found to be clear of any defect when it as first tasted. For the CTC seal to be stamped the oil should have adhered to each and every chemical standard set. Also, it is a must for it to be tested by the panel made just for the tasting.

To end with, there is the element of the bottle’s color. You might wonder how essential it is. Nevertheless, it does carry weight. The olive oil’s quality is affected by some things. They include the artificial and natural light. And these two aspects are capable of affecting the shelf life of the olive oil negatively. You are advised to look for olive oil that is in dark glass bottles. You will purchase well when all the above elements are looked into.

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