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Today, it is not as difficult as it was some years back for one to get car insurance with a DUI. It is important to note that your driving record plays a vital role in your auto insurance rates. You fall under the high-risk category if you have ever been arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. This is why people with DUI’s and DWI’s are charged with higher rates. Though insurance companies look at several factors when assessing clients’ applications for car insurance, your level of risk is the main one.

The probability of your getting into an accident and filing a claim is what is referred to as your level of risk. If you exercise caution when driving and have never been charged with a DUI or a DWI, then you fall under the low-risk category, and will have lower charges than reckless drivers. Insurance companies charge such high rates on car insurance for people with drinking histories because one is more likely to react slower to a situation on the road when drunk than when sober. Drunk driving is very dangerous, and this is why most states charge people for doing so.

The cost of DUI insurance s dependent on several factors. The severity of your DUI case is one of the factors determining the cost of your DUI insurance. If your case is not severe, then your chosen insurance company will charge less. The second factor is the state you live in. This is because different states subscribe to different laws, which insurance companies have to follow. The third factor affecting the cost of DUI insurance is whether you are a first-time or repeat offender. If you are a repeat offender, then your rates will be higher. There are factors such as age and credit score that are also considered in the pricing of DUI insurance covers. Ask for cost estimates from different insurance providers since there is no standard way of determining the cost of DUI insurance.

SR-22 forms need to be filled and submitted to the department of motor vehicles for one to get a DUI insurance cover in most states. This form shows that you are maintaining your state’s minimum required car insurance, making it vital if you are a high-risk driver.

Do not worry if you get a non-renewal from your car insurance provider after being charged with DUI or DWI because today there are specialized providers who deal specifically with high-risk drivers. Completing a driver safety course, bundling policies, and getting multiple vehicles on your insurance policy ae some of the actions you can take to lower your DUI insurance. Shop around to get the best rates.

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