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Support for Homeless Veterans

Soldiers at war can experience a lot and while some do not get so affected by what they hear and what they see, most of the soldiers who have gone through war have post-traumatic syndrome disorder or PTSD. At war, one can get to see a lot and they get to see things that are so horrible that they wish they never had to see such things. At war, there is killing and there is no mercy at times and things can get really bad and ugly. War can really change someone and if you used to be a really meek and really gentle person, you can turn into a war machine and just try to hurt anyone you see around you. Many from war have become out of their mind and crazy and that is understandable because of what they had to go through and what they had to see during the tough war times.

If you know someone or if you have a relative that is a war veteran, you can probably talk to them about the bad things that happened during the war and they can talk to you for hours about them. They might tell you things that you do not want to hear of because you will not believe that it is true. Those war veterans might be really afraid of loud sounds or they might be a bit out of their mind because of the wars that really changed them. There are many war veterans that experience PTSD and if you know of someone who is experiencing such things, you need to care for them and to love them because they are really going through a lot and it can be pretty tough for them.

If you know of homeless war veterans who have PTSD, you should help out as you know that they have been helping to aid your country and to protect it from the enemies. You need to love those war veterans who are struggling now because they have done such great things for your country and they have given their lives to hold your country up so you need to learn how to respect them and how to treat them well. You might think that because they are war veterans that they are rich or they have some sort of high respect but most often than not, no one will really bother about those war veterans and they can be overlooked many times.

War veterans with PTSD should be helped and they should be given hope so you need to watch out for them and care for them well. There are war veteran programs that you should give to those war veterans with PTSD as it can help them out and get them back to a new home. Having PTSD is hard and if you are someone with PTSD, you know that it can really change your life and you know that you need some help and care. Caring for those war heroes is your duty as they have done so much for you and now you need to do something for them in return.

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