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Patient Navigator App; How Does it Work?

A patient navigator app is one of the apps that could efficiently monitor the health of the patients who have been discharged from a health care clinic or hospital. It is being used by those who needed to do a follow-up and who must be monitored until they fully recover. Having an illness or being sick is part of living. Of course, it is very important that people do their best in order for them to live healthy and avoid being sick. However, the fact is that it could not be resisted as there are a lot of factors that can really affect the wellness of the people. Going to a hospital or a health care clinic is one of the best things that people should do in order for them to be able to make sure that they are well-taking care of their health and their bodies. It is also very important for them to monitor their health even if they have been discharged at a hospital and are just staying at home or are going to work every day. The monitoring should be done by health care professionals as well to be guaranteed that it is effective.

Most of the people perceive that they have to stay in a hospital to avail health care services from the professionals in this field. What they do not know is that it is still possible to be treated and monitored even if they are miles away from the health care clinics and that is through the patient navigator app. This unique app must be installed in an electronic device like mobile phones or tablets of the patients. Most of the time, it lets the patients fill up the patient’s information so that it could access the database of the hospital where he has his medication or treatment. It just needs the patient’s name and the name of the hospital and it will automatically generate all the medical information and history the patients have. On top of that, the app will be accessed not only by the patient but also by the medical health representative assigned to monitor the patient. The app will let the representative ask the status of the patient without obligating the patient to have a physical appearance on the clinic. Through the app, the medical representative will be able to recommend some dietary food and supplements to the patient and could also prescribe medicines which will the patient needs to take. If a patient needs to have a medical certificate for whatever purpose it may serve him, the app could also provide it form him, of course, with the signatories of the medical representative himself. The advantage of this app is that it gives convenience to both parties most especially to the patients. Aside from that, this app is free which means that it could be enjoyed by both the patient and the medical institution without even shedding a single centavo.

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